Storage Options

Size Options

We have a wide variety of sizing and pricing options that fit all budgets! Units start at only $40 per month. Please email or call us for availability and a price quote.

5' x 5'

Our 5×5 units provide a space to store some of your seasonal items and left over belongings! No room to keep your outdoor decorations or gardening tools? This would be a great space for you!

5' x 10'

If you need a place to store your extra belongings, or redoing a room, the 5×10 room is the perfect fit! You can also store either a dining room set, boxes, or sporting supplies in this storage unit.  

10' x 10'

The 10×10 storage unit is a great size for when you are moving! This unit can hold furniture from a one bedroom apartment! If you are moving, this is the perfect solution! This can also act as a seasonal garage, if you have items such as a snowmobile, or a jet ski. 

10' x 15'

This is one of our larger units. This would be ideal to store up to 3 rooms worth of items! You can place mattresses, a piano, chairs, tables and more in this 150 sq. ft space! Don’t forget you can stack boxed items up for even more room!

10' x 20'

This is one of our largest units! It can store up to a four bedroom house. This is also a great space to put bulky items such as exercise equipment, large appliances (washer, fridge etc), furniture, office supplies, paper work and more! This 200sq ft space is the same size as a one car garage.

Outdoor Storage

We also have outdoor storage available for boats, trailers and vehicles.